Beijing Plus 5: What is in Store?

By Khalid Baig
Posted: 20 Muharram 1421, 25 April 2000

Come this June, if all goes well for the organizers --- and there are strong indications that it will, unless Muslims wake up from their deep slumber --- then the UN leaders would have pulled a coup of gigantic proportions against morality, decency and the Shar'iah, without evoking any resistance. The event, nicknamed Beijing plus 5, is the special session of the General Assembly entitled "Women 2000: gender equality, development and peace for the twenty-first century." The special session will be held from June 5 through 9 in New York.

The session is meant for ceremonial speeches limited to five or ten minutes. But at the end the General Assembly would have put its signatures on the declaration of a new blue print for morality, ethics, family relations --- the UN Shar'iah. The new law will be supreme, overriding all laws and religious teachings, and it could be enforced by the same apparatus that is enforcing the sanctions on Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and Afghanistan today.

Here is a glimpse of what is on the table. This is taken from a preparatory document produced on 20 April 2000, by the Preparatory Committee for the special session. The paragraph numbers refer to that document.


UN has been assuring us for decades now that that despicable sin and crime against humanity is actually a basic human right. In countless documents they have waged war against discrimination based on "sexual orientation." Like this edict: 102 h. Develop, review and implement laws, practices and procedures to prohibit and eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Yet this time they are going for the finish line. Read this command to the nations of the world: 102 j. Take action to end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation; review and repeal laws that criminalize homosexuality, since such laws contribute to creating a climate which encourages discrimination and violence against women who are, or are perceived to be, lesbians; and address violence and harassment against them;

It also notes, without elaboration, that "in different cultural, political and social systems, various forms of the family exist." Those familiar with the UN lingo know that the various forms of the family include the homosexual unions.


Family is indeed the focus of this effort. The pundits have quite innovative ideas about how to disrupt and deform it beyond recognition, in the name of strengthening it. The key thing is that the complementary relationship between husband and wife has to be replaced by a competitive relationship and this most private of private sanctums has to be opened to intervention. In doing so they also define new virtues and new vices.

Consider this lament: "Failure to recognize that women are engaged in both productive and reproductive activities has meant that women’s higher workloads and unequal share and increasing burden of unpaid work and lack of remuneration of reproductive work have persisted and have hindered efforts to effectively combat poverty among women." So the women should be paid wages for the household work, as well as their "reproductive work." Remember that it is the same experts who have given us the term "sexual workers" for the prostitutes and commanded the world to uphold their rights. With this, it is easy to conclude, "As long as there is insufficient sharing of tasks and responsibilities with men, the combination of remunerated work and care-giving within family] and the community still leads to a disproportionate burden for women". It goes on to suggest that the absence of data disaggregated by sex and age and analyses prevents the accurate assessment of unpaid work among women. Further we are reminded that women also continue to bear disproportionate burden in the household responsibilities. "Such imbalance needs to be consistently addressed through appropriate policies and programmes, in particular those geared towards education and through legislation where appropriate." Now everyone can see what is the real motivation behind all of their emphasis on women’s education.

It is further commanded that the women should be persuaded to refuse household work: "Organize public information campaigns to sensitize public opinion and other relevant actors on the principle of equal sharing between women and men of work and family responsibilities."

They also introduce a new crime: marital rape, and demand that family courts be created everywhere to protect wives from their husbands. 103 c. 56(m) Establish family courts and adopt legislation to handle criminal matters relating to domestic violence including marital rape and sexual abuse. Establish legislation to handle criminal matters relating to domestic violence and ensure that such cases are brought to justice swiftly.


Ignorant western writers have been criticizing Islam’s law of inheritance. Now the UN is going beyond criticism to command. It directs: "Ensure that national legislative and administrative reform processes give respect to women‘s equal rights with men to economic resources, including property and inheritance rights."

Reproductive Rights

In the UN-speak this fancy new term means right to commit fornication, adultery, and abortion, among other things. It is noted that despite much "progress" there is still work to do on this important frontier. "There is non-recognition of women’s and girls’ reproductive rights as human rights as included in the Beijing Platform for Action, paragraph 95."


This is the heart of the matter. During all these years, Muslim governments failed to challenge this anti-morality, anti-family, anti-decency, anti-Islamic agenda—although they were duty bound by their faith to stand up for truth and against falsehood. Rather they meekly asked for a reservation here, an exception there. Such reservations were granted, as they still helped the social engineers to push their agenda forward. Now they are being asked to remove all such reservations. Here are the new commands: "102 d: Ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, limit the extent of any reservations to it and withdraw all reservations which are incompatible with the object and purpose of the Convention or otherwise incompatible with applicable international treaty law;" Further: "102 e. Review all existing, as well as future legislation to ensure compatibility and full compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women;"

It is hard to imagine a more diabolic, devilish and wicked program to destroy Muslim societies from within, and create the same mess there as is visible in the western world. But there is a big difference. No one from outside conspired to create the mess in the "civilized world." It was just a natural consequence of the hedonistic and materialistic values that gripped these societies, despite the efforts of some sane people to resist them. But the UN now is poised to export the same sickness to the rest of the world by force.

So far the charlatans have succeeded beyond imagination. Through very sophisticated propaganda campaigns and orchestrated effort they have made big hits without any significant protest. The lie that their population is the problem has been generally accepted by those who had been expressly admonished against this philosophy by God. The lie that the new pundits care for the women and have discovered new rights for them has gone unchallenged. As have their new definitions of vice and virtue and their new Shar'iah.

When the military government in Pakistan announced that the new local bodies will have 50% seats for the women, no one questioned the motives or the wisdom of this edict which had come straight from the World Bank. When a ministry of law notification in Pakistan announced that the so called honor killing (in reality dishonor killing) would be treated as murder, as commanded by the same UN charlatans, again there was no one to question it. It is the same story at the UN, where there has been no Muslim representation to speak of. There was a little storm in the Muslim world at the time of the Cairo conference (1994), but then everyone forgot what was going on and the UN plan has continued unhindered.

In Bosnia, Kosova, and Kashmir, the Muslim world failed to protect the honor of its daughters and sisters. But the failure in the UN would be bigger. It would be the failure to save the principle that their honor must be protected. It is a plan for social engineering at a grand scale. It is the greatest challenge to the supremacy of Shar'iah that the Muslim world has ever faced collectively. If we fail to challenge it this time, we may have to pay the price for that lapse over the next decades or centuries.

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