Israel Concocts Lies to Justify Atrocity

Posted: 15 Jamad-ul-Awwal 1423, 26 July 2002

Occupied Jerusalem: 25 July, 2002 (IAP News) - Facing mounting criticisms over Monday's midnight atrocity in Gaza, Israeli officials have been busy concocting lies and fictitious stories about Salat Shehada which all blame the victims for their death, just like the Nazis did.

The latest of these concoctions is a statement by Israeli Defense Minister Benyamin Ben-Elizer who claimed on Thursday that the martyr Salat Shehada was planning to detonate a car-full of explosives in an Israeli town to kill hundreds of Israelis.

Hamas and Palestinian officials described Ben-Elizer's statements as "a cheap lie by a criminal pig who sends his warplanes to kill and maim sleeping babies in the middle of the night."

"The Nazis made lies as such, the Zionist are making the same lies again, it is lies, brash lies," said Hamas official Ismael Abu Shanab.

"They are desperately trying to convince the world that Jewish Nazism is something benign."

Earlier, Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres told similar lies, claiming that the Israeli intelligence didn't know that civilians were living in the buildings destroyed.

Palestinian scoffed at the claim, arguing the civilians had been living in the building for many years and the Zionists knew about that.

"The man who ordered his army to kill more than a hundred Lebanese children at Qana in 1996, wouldn't hesitate to tell other criminal lies. Zionist leaders lie as often as they breathe," said one Palestinian leader.