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Of The 'Dead Pilot' Who 'Crashed Into The World Trade Center'

Posted: 26 Jamad-u-Thani 1422, 14 September 2001

CNN Issues a Correction.

Here is a correction issued by CNN (

"We would like to correct a report that appeared on CNN. Based on information from multiple law enforcement sources, CNN reported that Adnan Bukhari and Ameer Bukhari of Vero Beach Florida, were suspected to be two of the pilots who crashed planes into the World Trade Center. CNN later learned that Adnan Bukhari is still in Florida, where he was questioned by the FBI. We are sorry for the misinformation. A federal law enforcement source now tells CNN that Bukhari passed an FBI polygraph and is not considered a suspect. Through his attorney, Bukhari says that he is helping authorities. Ameer Bukhari died in a small plane crash last year."

Commentary: Of Big Stories and Minor Problems.


Notice that CNN reported the matter correctly; it was "information from multiple law enforcement sources" that led them to post the false information that Adnan Bukhari was one of the hijacking pilots. And that he was dead after blowing up the World Trade Center. And that his brother Ameer was another hijacking pilot. And that he was dead after blowing up the World Trade Center, too.

A few minor problems: Adnan Bukhari is alive and well and lives in Florida. And Adnan Bukhari wasn't on any hijacked plane. And his brother Ameer already died in an unrelated small plane crash last year, making it rather difficult for him to be piloting a hijacked aircraft into the World Trade Center on September 11th of this year.

Not that consideration for things like "facts" have ever deterred American "multiple law enforcement sources" from falsely accusing others - like Usama bin Laden, America's answer to George Orwell's "Emmanuel Goldstein", the subject of the daily "two-minutes hate" in the first chapter of Orwell's "1984."

These "multiple law enforcement sources" who publicly proclaimed the guilt - and deaths - of two people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the World Trade Center bombing and who were nowhere near the scene are the same geniuses who expect us all to believe them when they claim that Usama bin Laden had something to do with it, too.

Last year, the US Justice Department claimed that Usama bin Laden was involved with the guy who sneaked into Seattle from Canada to blow up the silly "millenium."

Their "proof"? Well, you see, this guy who crossed into Seattle lived somewhere in Afghanistan in the 1970s.

And so did Usama bin Laden.

That was the sum total of the "evidence"!

This is what is peddled as "ties" to Usama bin Laden.

Quotable Quote:

"The purpose of the "For the Record", column is not to correct errors. It is to assure you that everything else published by the paper was correct."