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  Albalagh Children Home History Timeline: Achievements in Knowledge



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Achievements in Knowledge

700 CE, 81 A.H Imam Abu Hanifah is born.

713 CE, 94 A.H Imam Malik is born.

740 CE, 123 A.H Imam Abu Hanifah passes away

767 CE, 150 A.H Imam Shafi' is born.

780 CE, 163 A.H Imam ibn Hanbal is born.

798 CE, 182 A.H Imam Malik passes away.

800 CE, 184 A.H Scientific method is developed. Algebra is invented by Al-Khawarizmi. Ibn Firnas invents eyeglasses. Paper starts being produced in large quantities in Muslim lands.

820 CE, 204 A.H Imam Shafi' passes away.

855 CE, 240 A.H Imam ibn Hanbal passes away in Baghdad.

900 CE, 287 A.H Pendulum developed by Yunus Al-Masri.

976 CE, 365 A.H Muhammad bin Ahmad introduces the number zero.

1000 CE, 390 A.H Al-Haytham discovers that white light consists of various rays of colored light. The building of the Great Mosque of Cordoba is completed.

1058 CE, 450 A.H Imam Ghazali is born.

1100 CE, 493 A.H Al-Idrisi constructs a mapped globe and disc-shaped map of the then known world for Roger II of Sicily. Both were made of silver. Muslims introduce negative numbers. Al-Khazini creates a balance scale which is extremely precise and finds the weight of objects within micrograms. (This level of precision was only surpassed in the 20th century.)

1200 CE, 596 A.H Irrational numbers introduced by Kamal Ad-din.

1300 CE, 699 A.H Ibn Battutah travels 75,000 miles.

1400 CE, 802 A.H Value of pendulum for clocks is introduced.

    Albalagh Children Home History Timeline: Achievements in Knowledge
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