Who Stole the Peace from the Holy Land?

Posted: 27 Rajab 1421, 25 October 2000

On Saturday 30 September 2000, Muhammad Jamal Al Durra, 12, went with his father to buy a car. "He asked me to help him with his homework," said his mother. "Then I dressed him in nice clothes to go with the new car." On the way back, they were trying to cross the street towards their house in Breij Refugee Camp when heavy shooting started from the Israeli military post on Al Shuhada junction. They tried to hide behind a cement block, half a meter high. "He stayed close to me, clutching me from my back while I was trying to keep him away from the bullets," said his father. "But one bullet hit him in the leg. I started screaming and crying, hoping that the bullets would stop, but to no avail."

An ambulance driver tried to reach them. The Israelis shot him in the heart killing him instantaneously. The shooting continued for almost an hour. Finally, bullets came from the small space between the cement block and the wall on their backs, killing Muhammad.

Later a reporter found hundreds of bullet casings from the area surrounding the cement block. Five bullets hit Muhammad, half of whose head was missing, while eight hit his father.

Child Killers … And Worse!

Muhammad Al Durra was not the only young victim of Israeli brutality. Nearly 52% of those killed and injured were children. Among them was Ala Badran, 12. He was on his way to his uncle's house in Kalandia near Jerusalem airport.

Suddenly, an Israeli soldier pointed his gun at him, shooting directly in Ala's eye. He lost his eye. More than two dozen children have been hit in the eye like him during the recent protests. "The bull’s-eye is the Palestinian eye," says one reporter.

Who can shoot a child like this? Only a very cruel and evil person, who has lost all his humanity. The soldiers and settlers in the Zionist state are such people.


This latest wave of bloodshed was meant to silence Muslim protest over the desecration of Al-Aqsa by Ariel Sharon, a terrorist, who is also a political leader in Israel. This is an old Israeli tactic. Some fanatics violate Al-Aqsa. When Muslims protest, Israeli soldiers attack them to "restore peace." Peace is a greatly misused word in Palestine!

On 8 October 1990 a fanatic group called Trustees of The Temple attempted to lay down the foundation stone for the Temple they want to build in place of Al-Aqsa. When Muslims protested, Israeli soldiers shot them, killing 20 and injuring 115.


No Muslim can tolerate the sacrilege of Al-Aqsa.

Al-Aqsa is mentioned in the Qur'an: "Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Masjid Al-Haraam to the Masjid Al-Aqsa, whose surroundings We did bless." [Al-Israa 17:1]

Israa (Night Journey) and Mairaj (Ascension) refer to two of the many miracles of Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam. During the night of Israa, Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, was taken from Makkah to Al-Aqsa, where he led all the previous prophets in salat (prayers). After that he ascended to heavens where Allah gave him the gift of the five daily prayers.

Al-Aqsa was the first qibla (during the entire Makkan period and the first 17 months in Madinah), before the command came declaring Ka'ba as the new qibla. The reward for praying at Al-Aqsa is 5000 times the reward for praying in another masjid.

The third holiest place in Islam, Al-Aqsa refers to a 35-acre compound that contains the Masjid Al-Aqsa, the Dome of the Rock, and a large number of other historic sites for Muslims. At the center of the Dome of the Rock lies a huge irregular rock from where ascension took place.

The entire compound is sacred. That is why it is also known as Al-Haram Al-Sharif or the Noble Sanctuary. For centuries it was a center of worship and teaching. Countless Islamic scholars lived and taught here.

Zionist Claim

Zionism is an extremist political movement that started in Europe. Zionists think that it is okay for them to kill the Palestinians and forcibly take their land. They also want to destroy Al-Aqsa and replace it with a Jewish Temple.

They say that three thousand years ago, the Temple of Solomon stood there and they must restore it now. That "Temple" (actually it was a mosque built by Sayyidna Sulaiman, alayhi salam, in the same way that Sayyidna Ibrahim alayhis salam built the Ka'ba) was destroyed by Nebuchadrezzar in 586 BC and again by Emperor Titus in 70 CE. Qur'an mentions these destructions as punishments for Jews for their transgression.

For 500 years this area lay in ruins. When Muslims came here in 636 C.E, they cleansed it and built the mosque. They restored what Sayyidna Sulaiman, alayhi salam, had built.

Neturei Karta

One Orthodox Jewish group known as Neturei Karta (Friends of Jerusalem) admits the Qur’anic account: "Before the Almightly gave us the Holy Land 3260 years ago, He made these conditions: If we will abide by the Torah (Jewish religious law), it is ours, if not, we will be expelled. Alas, we sinned and were exiled from the land. … The Zionists stole the name of "Israel" and have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people."

Zionist Plans

Nevertheless, the Zionists continue with their plans. There have been many attempts to destroy Al-Aqsa. In 1967, four days after Israel occupied it, excavations were started under Al-Aqsa in the name of "research." Of and on, they continue today. In 1969, a fanatic set it on fire and the Israeli forces cut off water supply to hamper efforts to extinguish the fire. There also have been several attempts to bomb Al-Aqsa.

The Problem is Religion?

Jerusalem is holy to Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Does it mean that there should always be bloodshed there? The answer of history is: No.

Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 636 CE during the time of second Khalifah Sayyidna Umar, Radi-Allahu anhu. It was a bloodless victory. In 1099 CE crusaders conquered it. They slaughtered the Muslims and Jews. Great Muslim Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi reconquered Jerusalem on Friday, 27 Rajab 583 AH, (2 October 1187 CE), restoring peace, honor, and justice.

Under the Islamic rule both Christians and Jews lived in peace. Their lives, sacred places, and properties were protected. All that was shattered at the beginning of this century when Zionists started their activities with the help of their sponsors.

Neturei Karta agree: "Jews used to live in Palestine in peace and harmony until the Zionists came, antagonized the Arabs, rebelled against them and usurped their land…According to the Torah the land should be returned to them."

The world is waiting for another Salahuddin Ayyubi to restore peace and justice to the Holy Land.