Freedom of Corruption

13 May 2000

Assalamu Alaikum

Your E-Journal is what Muslims need. I enjoyed reading some articles that you have on your site, and I must say it's really very nice. May Allah help you in your jihad. Please do not stop! Work harder to expose those people. Especially the UN, and their Prostitution Declaration.

I come from Kuwait. Last February, we had a festival of moral corruption that was held to "boost the income" as they say. One of the Muslims decided to protest peacefully. All he did was he carry a placard with a Qur'anic verse written on it and walked on the highway. He was jailed. A few months after the festival, a professor slandered the prophet, and the Muslim groups were angered. They sued him, and he was jailed for 1 month, after he appealed against the 3 months verdict. Then Amnesty International interfered (You can check their website, and search for Dr. Al-Baghdadi), and he was set free.

Amnesty claimed that a person should not be jailed for promoting his opinions (no matter how corrupt), but when the high school Muslim kid was jailed, they looked the other way.

There are many Muslim thinkers who are jailed in their own countries (See, if you can read Arabic), but we don't hear about them. They don't have the freedom to express their opinions. But when the thinker is writing against Islam, all the powers of darkness rush to their rescue.

Abdalla, Kuwait