History and Us

15 November 1999

Assalamu Alaikum

Your remarks:

"Just imagine the year is 2100 CE, long after we are all dead. A school child is studying Muslim history of the last century. He finds extremely disturbing events that took place toward the end of that century."

are valid not only for Kosova and Bosnia, but almost for all areas where the Muslims were targeted for annihilation for no reason other than they believed in Allah and his Messenger (S).

Unfortunately, Muslims have decided to remain "UMMI." Do we have documentation of Muslim genocide in:
1. Spain in 1492
2. India 1857, 1947 and more than 40 thousand riots since then.
3. Afghanistan 1979-1992
4. Palestine 1948-1999
5. Philippine
6. Pattani
7. Aceh (Indoensia)
8. Burma (Rohingiya)
9. Iraq
10. ...

and hundreds of other places.

For example one of my student wanted to research some historical events of the the partition days between March-Sept. 1947. Despite several attempts we do not get any response from authorties and history professors in Pakistan. When the person went in search of material the libraries showed little interest in making whatever might be 'buried' there in some vaults and dusty rooms. The Ummah that started with "Read in the name of your Lord..." and asked to hold a "Qalam" to document has totally forgotten. The result is obvious. East Timor gets world support and Kashmir is not even recognized as an issue.

Keep up good work.

Omar Afzal