Call for Help: Missionaries are Active in Kyrgyzstan

By Alisher Sayf and Elmurad Kasym
Posted: 26 Jamad-ul-Awwal 1422, 16 August 2001

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,

We visited your web site. It is made professionally. May Allah give you strength to keep on it. Let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Elmurad Kasym and Alisher Saif. We live in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. We study in the Osh State University and one of us studies English and French and another journalism. We are ethnically Uzbeks.

We are addressing you with one issue we are strongly concerned about. For the last 5 years our republic, particularly Osh, has experienced "invasion" of other religious missionaries, e.g. Christianity, Buddhism, Shamanism etc. Christian missionaries for Catholicism, Protestantism, and Baptism are flooding into our country. May Allah save us from accepting these wrong religions!

For the past few years we have been witnessing an organization called "New Life" settle up here. This organization's mission turned out to be to attract people to Protestantism. The employees of this organization are working on it till today. Surely their work gives some results. There are many Uzbek and Kyrgyz young people who are accepting this religion, leaving the True religion Islam aside. The reason is they have little knowledge about Islam. And also that we lived under dahriiy (atheist) Soviet power for a very long time. Another reason for accepting the Wrong religion is the current hard economical period that Kyrgyzstan is now experiencing.

It is very hard for us to stand aside and observe this situation. The youth, the Uzbek and Kyrgyz young men, should be taught the Real religion and kept from losing Sirat-al–Mustaqim. Based on this we are addressing you and asking for help.

We are thinking of establishing a newspaper for youth "Imaan Star" (Iymon Yulduzi). It will provide knowledge about Islam to youth, and be "a bridge" for Muslims of the world on one hand and Muslims of Kyrgyzstan on the other. We will publish initially at the level of the Osh State University, and lately at the level of Osh City in Uzbek language. It will be a weekly in Uzbek, in A4 format, 8 pages. Its regular features will be the events of the Islamic world, information about the Muslims of the world, information about the life of Muhammad Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam al-Qur'anul Karim translations and general topics relevant to Islam issues. We consider we are strong enough, sharp minded, determined to work for free for Islam's sake. At our faculty there are many talented students in journalism who share our thoughts. They are ready to volunteer in Allah's sake as well. We are planning to have 10-12 people involved.

We do not have material-financial means to establish this newspaper. The material-financial means as computers, Internet, the required expenses to publish the newspaper. Therefore we do need financial supporter-sponsors. Would you be able to help us for Allah's sake?

Hoping to Receive Your Replies,
Alisher Sayf and Elmurad Kasym. [Osh, Kyrgystan]

Albalagh Note: Those who can help should contact them directly at the address given here.