A Mother, A Mujahedah

27 Muharram 1422, 21 April 2001

Assalamu Alaikum,
This was written after reading your article on Motherhood. [Mrs. Ansari]

Ah! The archers at Uhud have left their posts
What losses now must the army endure.
A few are calling and scrambling to stand ground,
"This is where you are needed the most."
Oh yes the booties and the bounties are alluring,
There so much 'overthere' that
needs exploring but.......these little ones, 'these jewels'
at my feet.......they need to be polished,
they need to be shined,
before they are tossed in with the rolling stones,
Stones! .......the fuel for Hell.
No, O. Allah, not mine!