Letter: New Year (Dis)Honor List in UK

Posted: 29 Zul-Qa'dah 1423, 1 February 2003

It is very easy for a British Muslim to be included in New Year Honor List. He/she should cut himself/herself off from Islamic cultural roots in the name of freedom and so called western democratic values.

A Muslim girl was awarded MBE for running away from her parents. She was mis-educated and de-educated by British teachers from an early age who have no respect for Islamic faith and Muslim community. Through out her educational career she was exposed to western values and environment. Her parents were under the impression that home and Mosque environment could develop Islamic Identity. Her school and Mosque failed to teach Arabic and Urdu languages, depriving her of the ability to enjoy the beauty of Islamic literature and poetry. She was forced to live and lead double standard in her every day life style. She lost the sense of identity crucial for mental, emotional and personality development. She suffered from Identity Crises making her misfit not only for her parents but also for the Muslim community. There are about 6000 run away Muslim girls in the custody of local councils. They should also be included in the Honor List.

Her parents are simple villagers who settled in the western complicated and complex society. They could not understand its mechanisms but their daughter has been exposed to western values and environment. She is more English than a Muslim. When they realized the situation, it was too late and the only alternative left for them to take her back home to be married with the near relatives. Marrying a daughter is the ultimate aim of all Muslim parents. I do not blame the parents because they are victim of circumstances. I blame her school and teachers who anglicized her.

All Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers so that not a single Muslim girl would suffer in future.

Iftikhar Ahmad