Uncomfortable with Loud Dhikr

By Mufti Taqi Usmani
Posted: 27 Safar 1424, 17 April 2004

Q.) I recently attended a collective dhikr program at my local mosque. My question is what is the significance of turning the head to the right side and then forcefully downward when reciting "illalah" of la ilaha illalah. I also notice that they recite "illalah" with lot of force deep in throat. Why is that? I have read Mufti Ibrahim Sahib's response to these gathering on his website Ask-Imam so I know that these gathering are permissible but for some reason I did not feel comfortable in the gathering and I don't feel like attending any more. I prefer to do my dhikr individually. Are these feelings wrong?

A.) This particular method of dhikr has been adopted by some spiritual masters not as a Sunnah or as a Mustahab way but as a method to achieve concentration. So far as this method is adopted for this purpose, and is not taken as a Sunnah, it is permissible. However, if you feel more comfortable with individual dhikr there is nothing wrong in it; rather, it is more rewardable to make dhikr in a low voice than doing it in a loud voice.