Extra Freight Charges Kept by Airline Employees

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Posted: 9 Jamad-ul-Awwal 1424, 27 June 2004

Q.) I have a question pertaining to the business my company is involved in and would like your ruling on same. Business: Freight forwarding by air and sea.


Today cargo is loaded onto aircrafts by weight and volume which ever is greater. For example steel will occupy less space than garments.

For example: actual weight of cargo is 500 kgs and when considered in volume after conversion formula accepted by all airlines is 750kgs.

In above example, it is common practice in most Asian regions to load the cargo on to the aircraft on actual weight i.e.: 500 kgs whilst charging the customer for 750 kgs.

The difference between actual weight and volume weight which is 250 kgs cost benefit which is charged to the customer is shared between airline manager and freight forwarder. NB whilst airline is aware of such happenings it does not allow for the same. Hence, in actual fact the airline is loosing out on the 250 kgs revenue.

My question is, is this practice halal or not? [Mansur Hassen]

A.) You state that the airlines do not permit the practice of loading the cargo on the planes lesser than the conversion formula weight.

If the airline manager does that, he is guilty of fraud and cheating. It is haram for him to accept any amount in lieu of the excess weight. The money for the excess weight belongs to the airline company.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best