Cursing the Perpetrator of Black Magic

By Mufti Shafiq Jakhura
Posted: 20 Muharram 1432, 26 December 2010

Q. We would like to know the correct way of dealing with someone who practiced black magic on our family for ten years. We want to ask Allah (SWT) to ruin their life.

A.The best, most virtuous and most beloved thing to Allah (SWT) is that you refrain from any type of revenge and forgive and overlook the person without cursing or harming him or her. Rasulullah (Sall-Allahu alaihi Wasallam) has encouraged one to do good to those who do bad to them. The rewards of this are tremendous. Hence, I strongly encourage you to exercise patience in this regard and draw from the rewards of Allah (SWT). You should pray for the guidance of this person.

Note: I am not aware of how you have come to the conclusion that a particular person was involved in doing black magic. It is generally difficult to ascertain this and more often than not, such deductions are not conclusive or definite. Hence, one should be careful in this regard as well.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best