Working at a Restaurant Serving Alcohol

By Mufti M.D. Mangera
Posted: 22 Muharram 1433, 18 December 2011

Q.Will a fast be accepted while working at a licensed restaurant that serves alcohol?


Although this will not affect the validity of the fast, it is however not befitting and correct for a Muslim to take employment at such a place even if one is doing a permissible work. It is far worse, in fact it is haram and accursed, if one is required to serve or prepare haram.
One should immediately seek alternate employment. In the interim one should make abundant taubah and istighfar and as soon as one has found alternate employment then one should leave this work.

May Allah provide you with a complete pure halal source of income and save us from all types of impermissible activities and income.

And Allah  Knows Best.