Talks/Announcements Immediately After Prayer

By M.D Mangera
Posted: 24 RABI Ul-THANI 1433, 17 March 2012

Q.)In some masajid, they have short announcments/talks between the fardh and sunnah salat such as:

1.) A short talk, after prayer, on sunnah and adab.

2.) The Imam stands and talks to the congregation for a few minutes and gives them advice.

3.) Du'a requests for sick and deceased people.

4.) In some schools, they have students read a page of Qur'an after prayer to encourage other students to memorize.

What is the legal status of all of these announcements? The reason for the question is that people who missed a few rakahs of prayer are making up the missed rakahs are usually when the announcements start. Or people start praying their sunnah and are interrupted by announcements. So even if it is permissible to make a short announcement after prayer, does the legal ruling change because of the possibility of disturbing someone else's prayer?

A.)We are of the opinion that if people are performing Salaah or making up for some missed rakaats, then announcements and duas should not be made using the loud speaker unless they are extremely important and kept very concise.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best