Can a Debtor Perform Hajj?

By Shaikh Taha Karran
Posted: 22 Zul-Qa'dah 1422, 5 February 2002

Q.) I would like to clarify my doubts regarding hajj and umrah. I reside in Saudi Arabia. I owe a considerable amount of money to someone. I plan to pay through disposal of my old property but at the moment no one seems to be interested in that property as market back in India is not so healthy. And I don't have much money to pay him back.

As hajj is approaching I wanted to perform hajj again. Am I allowed to perform hajj or umrah as I heard I cannot perform hajj unless and until I cleared all my debts? I belong to shafii maslak.

Please advise me as time is very less. May Allah give you best reward for opening a site which gives plenty of Islamic information. Thanks and regards [Mubin Kazi, Saudi Arabia].

A.) It is permissible for this person to perform Hajj and Umrah. Settling debts is NOT a prerequisite for Hajj and Umrah.