Frustrated Because My Duas Have Not Been Accepted

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Posted: 21 Rabi-u-Thani 1424, 21 June 2003

Q.) Why aren't the duas accepted? I have been in a trouble for the last one and a half year. I have made duas in a variety of different ways. I have also asked others to make duas for me, but still the problem could not be solved. Due to the continued troubles that I have I am about to lose my faith in the existence of God. Please tell me what to do? Also please if possible to make dua for me. [Saeed-ul-Hassan Khan]

A.) 1. A Hadith states: A Muslim's du'a is accepted in one of the 3 ways, a) Either he is given what he asked for, b) It is delayed to the future or c)he is rewarded in the hereafter.

2. Hadith: When a person goes to Jannah and sees his rewards, he will ask Allah as to what caused him to receive such great rewards. Allah Ta'ala will reply that these are the rewards of all those du'as that were not accepted, conferred to you in the world. The Jannati will then desire that all his du'as should have not been accepted in the world (due to the great rewards received in lieu of those du'as that were not accepted).

3. Allah Ta'ala removes difficulties of the person. Hence, our belief is that Allah is Hakeem - All-Wise - whatever He does is full of wisdom. One major cause of duas not being accepted is when one's income is earned through haram avenues and means. One should not lose hope and faith in Allah. Rather, continue making dua.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.