Jummuah Salat at Campus

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q.) We live at the University of Greenwich, medway campus, London. Here we are about 10 to 15 Muslim students. The Jamea Masjid where Jummuah salat is offered is about at a distance of half an hour walk. We cannot manage to go and get back in time for our classes, so most of our fellows used to miss their Jummuah salat. So we decided to say our Jummuah salat in one of the rooms at the campus. But it should be noted that salat with jama'ah is not said on a regular basis in that room; I should say that we said our Jummuah salat there and after that we have not said any salat in that room and would be there for Jummuah salat again. Usually we offer our salats in our own rooms. In these conditions, is it allowed in view of Shar'iah to offer our Jummah salat in that specific room or not? [Said Munir]

A.) It is permissible to perform the Jummuah salat at the university campus.

And Allah Taala Knows Best.