Managing Masjid Funds

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q.) We have a Masjid fund and the committee is trying to invest it in Halal Stock, as they say, to raise more money to support a new Masjid project. All the fund is given by the people of community on different occasions, locally & abroad. Is it Halal to do this kind of transaction from Masjid fund for Masjid construction?

A.) Since donors have donated their monies specifically for the Masjid construction, the trustees of the Masjid are the Wakeels (appointees) of the donors. According to Shariah, the Wakeel is obliged to strictly carry out the orders of the donors. If the Wakeels (trustees) did not carry out exactly the orders of the donors, they will be guilty of violating the responsibilities of Wakaalat. The donors have an option to demand or approve of whatever the trustees have done against that order. It is not permissible for the trustees to invest monies donated to the Masjid for construction in any investment. The solution to the shortfall is to make an effort and collect the remaining amount.


Q.) Can they hire a paid Muslim fundraiser to collect funds and pay him from the Masjid Fund? Is it ok for a Muslim or a member of committee to take such a job? Would this be Halal for him? Remember, the Fund is given to the Masjid from community at large.

A.) If people have made a general contribution for running the affairs of the Masjid and not for the project specifically, then a collector can be paid wages from that funds if it is Lillah.

And Allah Taala Knows Best.