Wearing Gold, Silver, Amulets…

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q. 1) Is it allowed for men to wear ring of silver, steel, copper and gold (or any other metal and of what weight), if not, on what basis?

A. 1) The use of gold and silver is impermissible and unlawful for men during prayer time or any other time. There is only permission for wearing a silver ring, weighing not more than 4.5 Mashas (67.5 grain troy). The wearing of gold is impermissible. There is nothing wrong in saying prayers if gold, silver, ornaments of these metals, rupees and coins are in the pocket. There is no harm in having a watch of which one or two parts are of silver and the rest of other metal. (Fataawa Rahimiyya vol.1 pg.140). Steel, copper, and gold are all prohibited for males


Q. 2) Is the ring with the name of Allah engraved or written on it, has any "Barkat". Moreover, can we do our daily work while wearing it?

A. 2) There is no doubt that anything with the name of Allah has Barkat in it. However, one should exercise extreme precaution in respecting anything that has the name of Allah on it. If there is fear of disrespect, it is advisable not to wear the ring.


Q. 3) Is necklace (chain) of any metal allowed for men?

A. 3) No, chains are not permissible for males.


Q. 4) Are we allowed to wear "Taweez" (amulet) and does it have any effects?

A. 4) It is reported in a Hadith that there is no harm in reciting formulas for cure if this does not involve Shirk. (Abu Dawud). As for Ta'weez, Hadhrat ibn Amr ibn al-Aas (Radhiallaahu Ánhu) used to write some words and hang it on the necks of children. (Abu Dawud). The two Ahaadith mentioned above refers to those Ta'weez which contain Shirk. (Bazlul Majhood, Sharh Abu Dawud)

And Allah Taăla Knows Best.