Wife Works While I Stay at Home

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Posted: 11 Safar 1424, 13 April 2003

Q.) My question is related to my family situation. First of all, my wife is not a Muslim, but perhaps in the future (insha'Allah). I myself am converting to Islam in the coming weeks. The situation is that my wife has a career and we agreed that I would end my job so I could care for the children until grade school begins. I have 2 sons ages 2 and 3. She works in a career that requires her to travel and has an unusual work schedule. We don't have any other family in the city and we feel it is best for children to be cared by the parents. However, I believe in Islam it states that it is required of the man to provide for his family. I wanted your opinion on this matter. [Kurt]

A.) It is very encouraging to note that you intend to embrace Islam soon. May Allah Ta'ala accept your reversion and keep you steadfast, Ameen. We also make dua that Allah Ta'ala guide your wife to also accept Islam.

According to the Shari'ah (Islamic law), it is the responsibility of the husband to fulfill the basic needs of his dependants, wife and children. However, that is not a pre-requisite for a person to accept Islam or remain as a Muslim. Islam takes into consideration circumstances faced by a person as yours. If you are required to stay at home and that is a mutual agreement between you and your wife, then that is acceptable.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best