UN Makes Big Strides in Campaign to Abrogate Shariah

By Khalid Baig

September was a very good month for the UN officials who have been busy with their agenda of social engineering in the Muslim world ---controlling births, destroying family life, undermining morality and haya, and creating social upheavals. On 7 September 2000, Saudi Arabia became the latest Muslim country to sign the anti-Shariah convention on women, a.k.a. Convention On the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Around the same time Bangladesh became the second Muslim country to ratify the less known Optional Protocol that gives the UN powers to receive and investigate complaints from individuals, and prohibits the signing countries from expressing any reservations regarding this Convention. Further, at the same time, eight Muslim countries signed the Optional Protocol.

So far about 43 Muslim countries have been "persuaded" to sign the Convention and everywhere it has been done the same way: with total disregard for the opinions of the people, the legal experts or the religious scholars.

The Convention is rooted in the UN vision --- alien to Islam, of course--- of a unisex world. It is a vision under which men and women are to be equal cogs in the production and consumption machinery designed for the benefit of global capitalism. It defines (article 1) discrimination against women as "any distinction, exclusion or restriction made on the basis of sex...in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil or any other field". By accepting the Convention, States commit themselves to undertake a series of measures to end "discrimination" against women in all forms as defined by the UN, including the incorporation of the UN dictates in their legal system.

The agenda for "equality" is specified in fourteen subsequent articles. Article 15 asserts the "full equality" of women in civil and business matters, demanding that all instruments directed at restricting women’s legal capacity "shall be deemed null and void". Article 16 asserts the equal rights and obligations of women and men in marriage. This means, among other things, that a woman can divorce her husband (Article 16.c). That she is not entitled to financial support from her husband but both must earn a living and both must equally share the household work ("The right to work as an inalienable right of all human beings." Article 11.a ). That Islam’s laws of inheritance are to be considered an injustice that the new UN Shariah is out there to end. That Islam’s teachings regarding hijab and segregation of sexes are to be considered an anachronism.

What about the essential biological differences between men and women? Well, this is a discrimination designed by "nature" but the UN pundits are still intent to do what they can to overcome it. For example, they advocate, in article 5, "a proper understanding of maternity as a social function", demanding fully shared responsibility for child rearing by both sexes.

The Convention affirms the "reproductive rights of women," the UN-speak for birth control, abortion and other assorted "virtues." The UN leaders gleefully point out that the Convention is the only human rights treaty to mention birth control. States parties are obliged to include advice on birth control in the education process (article l0.h) and to develop family codes that guarantee women’s rights "to decide ... on the number and spacing of their children and to have access to the information, education and means to enable them to exercise these rights" (article 16.e). Thus men and women have been given the "right" to receive interference from their governments in the most intimate of their affairs, so the UN goal of restricting the numbers of undesired people in the world can be achieved.

But is there nothing good in the Convention? Sure the women of the world today face many problems that do need to be addressed. Unfortunately the real problems of women are not high on the priority list of the UN. And even when the document does mention them, it does so in a strange UN way. The number one global problem facing women is their degradation through pornography. Pornography creates the atmosphere in which other crimes against women become possible. The Convention --- the UN boasts it is the women’s bill of rights --- says not a word about this despicable practice. Nothing, nil, zilch. What about the exploitation of women to act as models to peddle goods by selling their looks? Again the Convention is silent on this subject. What about prostitution? The Convention has been generous to allocate one sentence to this. Here it is in its entirety: "States Parties shall take all appropriate measures, including legislation, to suppress all forms of traffic in women and exploitation of prostitution of women." (Article 6). Read this language carefully. The problem is not prostitution but "exploitation of prostitution." Hence the need to safeguard the "rights" of the "sex workers" as UN pundits have expressed elsewhere!

Another common problem faced by women is the inadequacy or non-existence of health care services meeting their special needs. A very large number of women in the world, including unfortunately the Muslim majority countries, face harassment and exploitation at the hands of male staff at hospitals. Many refuse treatment or seek it only in case of emergencies because of this. The Convention addresses this, but in the strange UN way. "States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against women in the field of health care in order to ensure, on a basis of equality of men and women, access to health care services, including those related to family planning." (Article 12.1.) Again read it carefully. First, birth control is the real agenda and it is mentioned in every clause where it can be inserted. Second, women have been given a right to healthcare based on equality of men and women. This is a denial of their special needs and requirement for special treatment. If a women demands to be treated by female staff only, it could be denied on the basis of "equality" of men and women.

Countries that have ratified or acceded to the Convention are legally bound to put its provisions into practice. They are also committed to submit national reports, at least every four years, on measures they have taken to comply with their "treaty obligations." Well, the UN is serious about its Shariah; it means to enforce it.

Twenty Muslim countries have signed the Convention with reservations. That is already less than half of the Muslim countries that have signed it. Further, one Muslim country (Malawi) has taken back all the reservations it first took in signing the Convention. While two others (Senegal and Bangladesh) have rescinded the reservations through the backdoor--- by signing the Optional Protocol. As the pressure is now applied to the rest of the Muslim countries to sign the "Optional Protocol, " more and more will succumb to it, thereby throwing away their reservations and inhibitions. The whole business was designed like this from the beginning. The idea was to bring everyone on board first and then work on them one by one.

Although this campaign of social engineering by imperialism started soon after the Second World War, and an unceasing propaganda campaign has been going on since then, it has gained momentum recently. The Beijing Plus 5 conference that took place last June, was a major step forward for the UN leaders. There, while the Muslim representatives opposed the most extreme of suggestions regarding legalizing of homosexuality, they accepted most everything else. They praised and fully supported the UN doctrine on the Unisex world and displayed commitment to bring it about. The most despicable --- yet representative--- statement came from the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Ambassador Mokhtar Lamani,Permanent Observer of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to the United Nations, said: " I speak on behalf of the Islamic Group at the United Nations which comprises fifty-six Member States and four Observer States of the Organization of the Islamic Conference... I pledge to you the fullest cooperation and collaboration of the OIC with the United Nations in the time ahead towards the fulfillment of the worthy and noble objectives that have brought us together here at this Special Session."

Similar was the contribution from Pakistan, a country where because of opposition from religious organizations as well as a threat of legal action, the government had pledged that it would endorse nothing un-Islamic in the conference. Despite some comments regarding Islamic values meant for home consumption, Pakistani representative Mrs. Zobaida Jalal, had this to say about the gist of the matter: "The Fourth World Conference in Beijing provided a major impetus to international and national efforts aimed at the advancement and empowerment of women. This Special Session will reinforce and reinvigorate the process that we collectively initiated five years ago." Subsequently the government has been obediently carrying out the wishes of the UN charlatans. Pakistan’s ruler, General Pervaiz Mushharaf, announced his determination recently to carry on the campaign to reduce Pakistan’s population on a war footing. He may have been the first general in history to declare war on his own population in order to improve their condition! While other Muslim governments may not have expressed the desire to carry on the UN dictates on a war footing, in reality they have been doing the same thing. Thanks to their compliance, the UN has been moving rapidly toward a world government where its dictates would be the supreme law. The latest fall of Saudi Arabia should be alarming to everyone as it is an indication of the momentum this campaign has picked. The religious scholars and Muslim political leaders have a huge, un-discharged, responsibility in this area. The UN juggernaut is moving with full force. It would not be stopped by an occasional show of concern. It requires concerted, well organized, ummah-wide response. There is urgent need for one body of knowledgeable people dedicated to the task of articulating Muslim position on this issue, studying and countering UN machinations, and guiding the Ummah. Women face problems in the Muslim world because of ignorance and deviation from Islamic teachings. They face even bigger problems because of the proliferation of a pop culture that has no regard for dignity, morality, decency, or justice. Muslim societies are like a sick person who has the perfect medicine for his ailments but he simply won’t take it. He is now being approached by quacks that want to serve him poison. "It is good medicine," they assure him with their characteristic chicanery. Should we be signing our own death warrants?