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Hadith: "Actions are governed by intention." (Bukhari, Muslim)

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Achieving Taqwa

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q.) Please tell me the ways of achieving taqwa in loneliness i.e. when no one is watching me.

A.) One should always meditate and ponder that Allah Ta'ala is Samee', (One who listens to every single thing), Baseer (One Who sees every single thing even if anyone else is seeing), Aleem (One who Knows of every single thing) and in the like manner reflect on the different attributes of Allah Ta'ala.

Together with that, remain engaged in the Dhikr of Allah Ta'ala at all times. A person would be able to reach the greatest height if he confides and consults with a Shaykh-e-Kaamil (spiritual mentor) who is pious and God-Fearing. We, therefore, suggest that you should try and relate all your issues to a reliable mentor with whom you have strong confidence and compatibility with, who will be able to give you individual and personal attention. May Allah Ta'ala grant you and all of us the quality of Taqwa, Aameen.

In today's times when evil and corruption is so common and rife, every individual must take it upon himself/herself to protect and guard against the soul being corrupted. Hereunder, are some guidelines to guard one's soul and spirituality.

a. Be punctual in performing the five daily Salats. A male must ensure he performs Salat with Jamaat in the Masjid.

b. Recite some portion of the Qur'an daily. It is also important to read the translation and commentary of the Qur'an daily. We recommend the following English translations: Muhammad Pickthall (Translation); Muhsin Khan (Translation); Tafseer-e-Usmani (with commentary); Daryabadi (with commentary); Maariful Qurăn (with commentary). NB. Any translation of the Noble Qurăn must be accompanied with the Arabic text next to the translation.

c. Recite the following three Tasbeehs any time in the morning or evening, 100 times Istighfaar, 100 times third Kalimah, 100 times Durood upon Rasulullah Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam. The above three Tasbeehaat should be read in isolation and concentration.

d. Always display good character even in front of one's enemies.

e. Avoid intermingling with the opposite gender and lower one's gaze. Do not let the mind and heart be polluted with the form and shape of the opposite gender. That is death to spirituality.

f. Stay in the company of the pious. Bad company is detrimental to one's Iman and character.

g. Be conscious of life after death and accountability in the court of Allah Ta'ala. h. Keep in touch with reliable Ulama. Make their Ikraam (honour) and seek their esteemed guidance.

We hope if one follows the above points, he/she will be protected from the tricks of the Shaytaan.

    Albalagh Home Q & A Achieving Taqwa
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