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Salats Missed in a Lifetime

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q.) How does one calculate the missed salats from the time he/she became baligh (mature)?

A.) Maa shaa Allah, your concern for your Qadhas (completion of the missed Salats) is commendable. May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for you to fulfil it.

The manner of completion is as follows:

a) Calculate the number of Fardh Salats only missed from the time you became mature up till now. The Witr Salats is also included (6 Salats per day = 180 Salats per months = 2160 per year)

b) Women should deduct the Salats missed during the ‘monthly cycle’ as there is no Qadha for the Salat missed during the monthly cycle. Try and determine the number of the missed Salats.

c) The number of fasts missed from the age of maturity should be calculated and completed.

d) The money that you had paid will not suffice for the completion, rather, it will count as optional charity for which you will be rewarded, Insha Allah.

Word of Advice:

An easy method of fulfilling your Qadhas is that from now on and after each Fardh Salat of the day, perform one Qadha Salat of the same kind.

Thank Allah for giving you the concern to complete your missed Salats. Allah Ta’ala wants to bring you closer to him. How would you face Allah on the day of Qiyamat should you pass away without making the Qadhas. The big figures that you might see should not break your courage. Rather, Shaytan is going to work on your mind harder now to take you away from this great step that you would be taking towards getting closer to Allah Ta’ala.

An easy method of fulfilling your Qadhas is that from now on and after each Fardh Salat of the day, perform one Qadha Salat of the same kind, e.g. after you discharge the Dhuhr of today, just perform one Dhuhr Qadha Salat of just 4 Rakats. There is no Qadha for the Sunnats and Nafls missed. Look at how merciful Allah is!!! Your intention will be as follows: ‘I intend making Qadha of my missed Salat.’

If you are in a habit of offering Nafl Salat, rather perform your Qadha Salats instead. This is your priority. Make maximum use of the big nights, big days, etc. that fall during the course of the year. For your Qadha fasts, try and fast once or twice a week and complete it.

Lastly, make lots of Du’aa to Allah Ta’ala to make it easy for you, for He is the solution to all our matters.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.

    Albalagh Home Q & A Salats Missed in a Lifetime
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